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Solved by verified expert :You should then develop the geographic themes that the movie uses as part of the story. This might include particular spatial interactions between characters and places and/or people – or how geographies are created within your movie. How are the various geographies in the text reflected in the landscapes depicted? How do these geographies help create suspense or amusement or spectacle? Discuss the possible motivations the producers had for choosing the settings that were used in the movie. Support your general arguments with specific examples from the movie. How do space and place help the movie make its point? How does the movie reinforce or contest the formation of the mental maps we use to navigate the real geographies of the United States?Pay particular attention to what you have read. How do the chapter themes found in the test relate to the show you are discussing? Again, you are a geographer – not a critic – your answer should encompass the spatial aspects of the show, especially place and space and the construction/reproduction of culture. You can concentrate on tow or three chapters or try and apply as many chapters as possible. Just be thorough and clear in your approach. Do not use any outside sources except the text. Use the chapter headings of the text as a guide and, again, do not ‘review’ or summarize the movie – discuss the geographies you uncover through viewing the movie you chooseOmid NamdarProfessorGEOGMay 15, 2015The Day After TomorrowIn the movie there is a global warming causing the world a huge disaster andcaused an ice age, a climatologist named Jack Hall goes to New York to save his sonSam. Jack has to go to Washington D.C. to New York, but there are lots of crazy thingshappening.The way geography is produced in the film is that it has a close down of theAtlantic Ocean and move in the Gulf Stream. As a result, there is global warming causingthe ice to melt, with the collapse of Larsen B. There are several crazy environments goingon such as tornadoes in Los Angles, crazy waves destroying New York, and the wholeNorthern Hemisphere freezing into solid. In the movie, it showed a close down of GulfStream, which is a massive hurricane and it covered the entire continents. It showed inNew York City, the ocean raised about 25 feet in less than a minute. The result of this isdue to Greenland ice sheet melting.In the movie Day After tomorrow, Global warming occurs through the process ofthe greenhouse effect. It shows that the earth is enclosed and surrounded by a layer of gasin the atmosphere that insulates it. The extreme weather conditions could indeed by apossible result of global warming. Global warming affects the ocean, which covers about75% of the earths surface. The movie is a fictional disaster movie and not adocumentary. For example, the flooding in Manhattan is described as a wind-driven surgeand an undersea earthquake or a landslide could only cause it.