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Solved by a verified expert :NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process
Mandatory Check-in: Engagement & Political Voice Survey
By now we all know each other so instead of having a typical ‘introduce yourself’ discussion–we are going to get to know each other in a different way!  There are 2 parts to this posting:  Answer the 4 opinion-based questions and complete the survey.
1.  Answer the following questions and complete the survey below:
       1. Do you consider yourself to be politically active? Why or why not?
       2. Do you feel that you are knowledgeable of the political process?
       3. Should nurses be politically active? Why or why not?
       4. How can nurses make a difference in the health of their patients and the public by shaping policy?
2.  Please also copy and paste the below survey (with answers) into your mandatory check-in posting:
Engagement and Political Voice Survey
Answer the below questions with Never, Sometimes, or Always:
I work to solve community problems_________
I volunteer regularly for an environmental group _________
I volunteer regularly for a civic or community organization_________
I volunteer regularly for any other organization_________
I belong or donated money to any group or organization_________
Besides donating money, I help raise money for charitable causes_________
I have registered to vote Yes/No
I vote in elections (regular voting)_________
I volunteer for a political campaign or candidate_________
I encourage others to vote_________
I wear a campaign button or have a sticker on my vehicle_________
I volunteer for a candidate, work or contribute money to a political party, or an organization that supports candidates_________
I contacted/visit public officials_________
I contact a newspaper or magazine_________
I contact a radio or television news show_________
I protest_________
I sign an e-mail petition_________
I sign a written petition_________
I boycott companies_________
I buy something to support the values of a company_________