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Solved by verified expert :1.Calculate your ecological footprint(http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/Save and submit your results.a. Discuss your results, include the actual values for all categories. What do they mean.b. How did it make you feel: sad? Indifferent? Helpless? Guilty? Concerned?c. How would you realistically reduce your footprint?d. Retake the quiz to try to reduce your footprint. Share these results. List your revised results by category.(Worth 5 marks, ~ 300 w).2.GPS is an important technology for locating things on earth.Write a summary of how GPS technology works.You must include information about the constellation of satellites, how it measures your location, signal errors, and types of accuracies and types of applications.(Worth 5 marks, ~ 300 w).3.News Watch! Tell me about one story in the news this week that relates to environmental unsustainability. Briefly describe the situation, and identify the root cause of this environmental problem. Describe the geography location of the issue include that latitude and longitude? (google maps or google earth can help with this). Describe how physical geography maybe related to this problem? What are the possible solutions?(Worth 5 marks, ~ 300 w).