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Solved by verified expert :1) A small-scale map would showQuestion options:a larger geographic area than a large-scale map.a smaller geographic area than a large-scale map.the same geographic area as a large-scale map, just at a smaller resolution.the same geographic area as a large-scale map, just at a larger resolution.2) Which of the following representative fractions would indicate the largest scale map?Question options:1:10000001:01:11:240003) A graphical representation of the orientation of the map can best be shown with aQuestion options:label.legend.scale bar.north arrow.4) A key to what the various symbols on a map are representing can be found in the map’sQuestion options:type.labels.legend.scale bar.5) A graphical representation of the equivalent distances on a map can best be shown with aQuestion options:scale bar.north arrow.type.legend.6) A map template providesQuestion options:a pre-arranged way of placing elements on a map.a blank space that can be used to place items on a map.a pre-made map that can immediately be printed.previously created symbology already applied to the map’s legend.7) Which of the following is an example of a thematic map?Question options:A trail map of a local municipal parkA map of a new subdivision, showing the locations of new roads and housesA map of a neighborhood showing which houses are rentals and which are notA map showing the locations of all casinos in Pennsylvania8) Having all count values of the data brought to the same level describesQuestion options:normalization.graduated symbols.choropleth mapping.reference mapping.9) Which of the following data formats will result in the least loss of data of a map graphic?Question options:TIFFJPEGDPICMYK10) You are visiting Seattle and receive a map from the Seattle Visitors’ Bureau showing the streets of downtown Seattle and points of interest. You are looking at aQuestion options:reference map.thematic map.choropleth map.normalized map.11) Which of the following is NOT a principle of effective map layout?Question options:It should leave fairly large areas empty to give readers’ eyes a rest.It should be balanced.Items should be proportional to one another.It should not cram too much information into a small space.12) TIGER files are created and maintained by the…Question options:USGS.NAVTEQ.U.S. Department of Transportation.U.S. Census Bureau.13) TIGER files typically contain all of the following data except…Question options:zip code information for streets.address ranges on streets.names of streets.number of houses per street.14) Linear interpolation is used in geocoding to…Question options:separate the component parts of an address.count the number of houses on the street.place a point at an approximate distance along a line.find the exact point to where an address is matched.15) In a TIGER file, the FEDIRP field refers to the…Question options:direction of the prefix of a street.name of the street.type of road.direction of the suffix of a street.16) Setting up the component parts of an address in a regular format describes…Question options:address parsing.standardization.linear interpolation.connectivity.