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Solved by verified expert :What event occurred just in the last 25 years which has resulted in even less money flowing into Sub-Saharan Africa?Select one:a. Natural resources running outb. The end of the Cold Warc. The rapid spread of AIDSd. Multiple terrorist attackse. The decline of the tourist industryWhen the Belgians pulled out of Zaire in 1960, there were less than a dozen of which of the following left in the country?Select one:a. Native college graduatesb. Government officialsc. Working farmsd. Infrastructural endeavorse. Miles of roadf. Acres of arable landMany of the corrupt, long-serving African leaders originally started as progressive, freedom-fighter rebels who fought for their nation’s independence.Select one:TrueFalseAfrica is about how many miles east to west, and north to south?Select one:a. 6000b. 4000c. 5500d. 5000e. 4500f. 3500The Equator runs roughly through the middle of the Sahara Desert.Select one:TrueFalseMost African countries have what we call __________ economies.Select one:a. Conflictb. Flourishingc. Unregulatedd. Nonexistente. Single-commodityf. MultifacetedAccording to the Plaid Avenger, what is the single biggest reason that Africa is still so far behind the times?Select one:a. Kleptocracyb. The Slave Tradec. Colonialismd. Cronyisme. Dictatorialismf. Extremism