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Solved by verified expert :1. Latin America: Deforestation The Amazon rainforest is an important global resource that is being exploited primarily for local benefit. Given the common interest in preserving this valuable resource, including its biodiversity, what can we do as individuals to relieve some of the pressures on the forest? More importantly, should we have the right to intervene in the degradation of the rainforest? How does this conflict over a resource provide insight into the idea of being “global citizens” with a “global responsibility”? Minimum 150 word response 2. African DiasporaContrast the historical African diaspora to the contemporary Caribbean one. What patterns are formed by these two distinct population movements? What social and economic forces are behind them? Are they comparable? Why or why not? (minimum 200 words; spelling and grammar count) 3.Turkey and the EU Turkey has been involved in long-term discussions with the European Union to become a member of thistrade bloc. Conduct research to learn why some groups within Turkey want to join the EU. What groups inTurkey oppose EU membership? What are the advantages or disadvantages to Turkey if the country joinsthe EU? Which side would you support?