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Answer the following questions completely and accurately.
You can research answers to the questions from our course textbook, another
geology textbook, articles, or online resources. Answers should be composed in your own words
after reading through your resources, and not taken directly from a source.

1. (a)
Before the theory of plate tectonics the concept of continental drift was
proposed in the early 20th century by Alfred Wegener. Many lines of evidence
were cited to support continental drift. What are 3 lines of evidence used to
support the drifting of the continent? Explain how each of these lines of
evidence was used to support continental drift.

(b) Why was the hypothesis, for the most part, rejected
throughout the scientific community during his time?

2. Fill in
the table below addressing what is happening at each type of plate boundary.

Transform Convergent Divergent
(Yes or No)

(Yes, No or Sometimes)

Ocean Crust
(Created, Destroyed
or Neither)
Relative Plate Motion at Boundary (A, B, or C)


Where is there a real world example of this type of plate
(Geographic Name)

3 (a) How
are the alignments and age distribution patterns of the Emperor Seamounts and
Hawaiian Islands explained? (Map View of Emperor Seamounts and Hawaiian Islands
Shown Below) Be sure to explain how they
were formed and why their ages differ.
(The Big Island of Hawaii is the Easternmost Island in Hawaiian Island
Chain and the only island with active volcanism). Also explain what caused the
bend between the Hawaiian Ridge and Emperor Seamounts. Can watch movie link Plate Dynamics to help
answer this question.

What is the average rate of movement in centimeters/year for the island of
Nihoa since its formation? You must show work to receive credit. (Ma means
millions of years, Distance is given in kilometers (km) on the scale). There
are100,000 centimeters in 1 km.