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Solved by verified expert :1. How is mafic lava able to travel great distances away from the vent from which it iserupted?A.Lava tubes insulate and funnel the lava very far away from the vent.B.Mafic lava moves extremely fast (at rates up to 150 km/hr)C.None of these options. Mafic lava does not travel that far away from the ventarea.D.Maic lava flows such as pahoehoe and a/a are equally thin and have a low viscosity,therefore they can travel long distances2. The eruption that occurred on Mount St. Helens was triggered by:A.A huge landslide caused a lateral blast that knocked down trees and buildings.B.A fast-moving viscous lava flow flowed through the middle of Portland.C.A volcano that was so heavy that it caused part of the island to collapse.D.A scoria cone that sent up a large column of pyroclastic material.E. None of these.3. Which of the following is NOT a hazard associated with ash clouds and ash fall?A.contamination of surface waterB.structures catching on fireC.Volcanic weatherD.Jet engine failureE.Roof collapse4. What does it mean when the amount of SO2 emitted from the vent of acomposite cone or caldera quickly decreases?A.The magma has emitted all of the sulfur dioxideB.The volcano will not erupt because all of the gas has been used upC.The magma beneath the volcano has retreated to a lower positionD.The volcano has stopped degassing because of an obstruction at the vent(i.e. the gas is trapped in the magma)5. Yellowstone is still an active volcano. Which of these signs of volcanic activity hasnot recently occurred at Yellowstone?A. Small ash eruptionsB.Ground inflationC. Hydrothermal activity in the form of geysers and mud potsD. Earthquakes6. What is a floodplain?A. A broad strip of land built up by sedimentation on either side of a streamchannel. Covered with water during a flood. B. A body of sediment deposited at the mouth of a stream when the stream’svelocity decreases.C. A ridge of sediment, usually sand or gravel, deposited in the middle or alongthe banks of a stream.D. Step-like landforms found above a stream.7. Which of the features on this aerial photograph represents the former position ofa meander?A. AB. BC. CD. DE. both C and D