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Unit 1
and discuss the two basic categories of health policies. Give an example of
federal or state legislation that reflect each category.

Unit 2
the impact of health policies on health services in terms of the money, human
resources, and technology used to produce these services. Your answer should
include a discussion on each of the three areas.

During seminar, I discussed what effect the landmark elections may
play on health policy changes. What are your thoughts on the future of
health policy with the changes that have occurred?

Unit 3
Who are
the demanders and suppliers in health policies? Describe what motivates each in
a political marketplace.

Unit 4
Is influence in Public Policy environments a matter of power and
focus? Why or why not?

Unit 5
Did you know that you can participate by
commenting on current proposed rules? Check out this link:http://www.hhs.gov/regulations/

on one of the proposed rules, and share with us a summary of the rule, and what
your comments were!
Unit 6

Discuss the role of policy analysis in policy modification.
Include a description of a federal agency that supports policymaking through
policy analysis.


I haven’t seen any responses on the “Live” blog, so I am
including it this week:

Have you heard of the Commonwealth Fund? Check out this site and share
interesting finds with the rest of the group!


Unit 7
Research a current health
policy of your choice and discuss why you find it relevant to you personally
and the population. You may also discuss any changes you would make to the
policy. Please provide justification for the change.

Unit 8
Discuss the impact of policy on its own implementation and how
implementation influenced the final outcome of Medicare Part D legislation?

Unit 9
What have
you learned that clarifies the positions and tools used by the various
stakeholder groups to impact Health Care reform legislation?


What similarities exist between the plan that
Massachusetts has used for years, and the Affordable Care Act?

Do you believe access to care is a basic human
right? Why or why not?
Unit 10
What have you learned that clarifies the process of policymaking
on health related topics? Is there anything that you would change?