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Portfolio Piece                                                       
At this juncture in our exploration of the legal aspects of healthcare for administrators; we have discussed civil and criminal law and various cases to demonstrate the challenges faced by healthcare administrators, providers and patients.  It is evident that each case is different and application of the law is subject to the interpretation by the courts. 
As we continue to expand our knowledge and thinking of the law, it is important to have an understanding of the various legal, ethical and moral aspects of complex cases – especially ones that present totally unique circumstances.
Course Outcomes
As you fulfill the learning opportunities present in this assignment, you will fulfill the following course outcomes:
1.   Debate the “right” to healthcare in the U.S. from a global perspective.
2.   Analyze laws that apply to the healthcare environment.
3.   Articulate the rights and recourse of a health care professional as it applies to the legal process for a lawsuit.
4.   Examine the specific rights and responsibilities of healthcare professionals.
5.   Analyze the liability issues for healthcare corporations, departments within a health care organization, as well as various occupations within the health care field to inform decision making.
6.   Explain the meaning of “Informed Consent” and describe the various forms of consent.
7.   Examine the rights and responsibilities of a patient.
8.   Analyze the ways in which a patient’s privacy is protected for effective healthcare records, and situations that mandate patient information reporting.
9.   Examine acts by a healthcare professional or organization that would be considered criminal.
10.  Explain the purpose of contracts and antitrust within the health care setting.
11.  Articulate the ethical codes that govern health care providers.
12.  Examine the rights of vulnerable populations in regards to biomedical ethical issues.
13.  Explain the health care provider’s role in end of life decisions, and the role of patient rights in end of life decisions.
General Expectations:
Please complete both parts of the assignment as succinctly as possible, integrating evidence of course related discussion/materials, ideas from healthcare professionals, journals, other publications and/or your own thoughts.  This assignment should reflect a high level of scholarly effort.
This written assignment is to be no more than eight pages in length, conforming to all APA rules for the proper formatting and documenting of research/sources used.  It is to be typewritten on 8 ½ X 11” paper, with one inch margins on all sides, and using a respectable, twelve point font.  Prepare this document as a mid-level manager would if requested by senior management.
This assignment accounts for 35% of your grade.    
Please read the assigned article and organize/present your ideas according to the five (5) categories below.   You must research the literature for additional information to support your report.
Article:  The Deadly Choices at Memorial

Chronology of Events

This section is to be a summary of the events of the article.  Your job is to develop a summary that will enable the reader to understand what happened in the order in which the events occurred.                       (20 points)

Legal Issues

What are the legal issues that were addressed; how were they addressed; are there any others you think should be included?                                                                                                                            (20 points)                                          

Ethical and Moral Issues

What are the ethical and moral issues faced by the medical providers and management teams?                                                                                                                                                                                      (20 points)

Medical Care Issues

How are and will medical providers be affected by this event?                                                         (20 points)

Administrative Implications

What are the health management implications of this event?  Knowing what you know about the event, how will that information influence your practice as a healthcare administrator?                                           (20 points)
Fink, S. (2009, August 25, Tuesday).  The deadly choices at memorial. New York Times, Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/30/magazine/30doctors.html?pagewanted=all