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Solved by verified expert :Step 1: ACCESS GOOGLE EARTH:To download for free on your own computer: Go tohttp://www.google.com/earthAvailable on all ASU Computing Sites on all campuses (library sites as wellas regular sites): –to see locations & hours, search “Tempe Computing Sites” on the ASU web.Step 2: SET UP YOUR INTERFACE:From the menu bar across the top, choose these options:1. Look for either “Tools > Options” (in Windows) or “Google Earth > Preferences” (on a Mac).On 3D View tab, choose:a. Show Lat/Lon as degrees, minutes, secondsb. Show elevation in feet and miles.2. “View”: Check "Status Bar" and “Grid.”Now the location of the cursor (hand) is displayed in the Status Bar (the bottom of the screen) asdegrees of latitude and longitude and feet of elevation.Step 3: BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE TOOL BARFor example: Push-pin (Placemark) Tool ():Click the tool. A panel will appear, as well as a pushpin surrounded by a blinking square. Dragthe pushpin to somewhere on the map that you can identify. In the “Name” field of the panel,type a label for the location you chose. Click "OK" to close the panel.If you find you’d like to revise a placemark you created, you can right-click on it, and chooseeither “Properties” (in Windows) or “Get Info” (on a Mac).You might like to experiment with options provided by the tabs:Rather than setting a location by dragging the push-pin, you can type in the name of a location,such as Tempe, AZ. You should see the coordinates of this location appear on the screen.For example: Ruler (measurement) Tool (options.): Click on the tool to see itsTo get a distance measure, click on a location on the globe, then a second location.Step 4: PROVIDE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS BELOW.1. Estimate the circumference of the Earth around the Equator byselecting a small segment ofthe Equator (less than half) and scaling up. Describe your method and show your calculations.(1 point)2. Now select a segment around the Equator that stretches from oneside of the planet to theother and re-estimate the Earth’s circumference. What happens andwhy? (1 point)3. Estimate the circumference of the Earth around both Poles byusing an appropriate segmentof a meridian and scale up. Describe your method and show yourcalculations. (0.5 point)4. Find the coordinates of your home address. Give your address andits coordinates in degrees,minutes and seconds. (1 point)5. Use the ruler tool to measure the following distances in miles.(i) 10° along the Equator (0.5 points)(ii) The distance along a meridian from 0° to 10°N (0.5 points)(iii) 10° along the line of latitude at 60°N (0.5 points)