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Solved by a verified expert :Topic: 1 history essayDuring the 1950″s and in particular the 1960’s, profound social,cultural and economic changes occurred that impacted the course ofsocial orders. Most, if not all of the changes did not rely ongovernment sources or resources, but were groups that sought to changethe social norms. From the readings and lectures that you haveparticipated in this week, choose two changes that expresses theperiod of great fundamental change. You could choose music, rise ofthe middle class, civil rights movement, anti-war movement, respect orlack of respect for authority, role of women or something that youfeel strongly about. The only requirement for this debate, other thanthe normal instructions for Discussion Posting, is that you providesupporting evidence to support your thoughts. It’s only has to be 300words. If you need more information let me know or anything else letme know.