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Solved by verified expert :Given the weather extremes of this summer and the severe storms we have had, I have developed this practically-oriented lab assignment.Using the websites on Jetstream shown on the Course Content page as reserved for Lab Use and that I have introduced you to (Storm Prediction Center http://www.spc.noaa.gov and Intellicast http://www.intellicast.com), I ask you to develop a 5-7 page online guide to weather recognition and safety for yourselves and others – which may include your family, friends, and pets.This guide on the basics of weather preparedness should include and address the following (each of the four sections is worth up to 25 points):1. The types of seasonal severe weather hazards possible in this area in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, and the characteristics and properties of these weather hazards, including heat and cold waves, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, derechos, wind damage, freezing rain, hail, snowstorms, floods, blizzards, and tropical storms/hurricanes.2. Knowing when severe weather watches and warnings have been issued and where posted (use illustrations from the websites)3. Recognizing severe weather when you see it coming: appropriate pictures of clouds, etc.4. Preparedness plans: do you have a plan for power outages, do you live in an area that floods, etc. Schiller Park IL 60176I leave the format entirely up to you. Be creative and imaginative. This is something that would be a “take away” from the class that you would use in your daily lives to keep informed of the weather.Additional RequirementsLevel of Detail: Show all work