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Solved by verified expert :Chapter 3 Graded QuizStarted: Nov 4 at 8:43amQuiz InstructionsYou may only submit this quiz once.This quiz has no time limit and saves your answers automatically as you work your way through. If you need toleave the quiz before you’re finished, you may do so, and the questions you have already answered shouldpersist when you return to the quiz later.Question 110 ptsTo ensure that you know how to acquire census data from the Census Bureau’s AmericanFactFinder Web site, use it to look up the Illinois county with the highest median age (bothsexes combined) in 2010. (Tip: Topic | People | Basic Count/Estimate | Population Totalcategory)Boone CountyCook CountyHenderson CountyJackson CountyQuestion 210 ptsWhich of the following statements is false about American Community Survey (ACS) data?The ACS is a continuous, nationwide survey of the demographic, economic, social,housing, and financial characteristics of the U.S. population.ACS data products include 1-year estimates, 3-year estimates, and 5-yearestimates. The Census Bureau produces 1-year estimates for geographic areas withpopulations of 65,000 or greater, 3-year estimates for areas with populations of20,000 or greater, and 5-year estimates for areas of any size but best for smallpopulations.Single-year estimates are more current and more reliable statistically than multiyear estimates.Question 310 ptsCensus 2000 was the first in which every U.S. county was subdivided into administrative areascalled _______. In all there were approximately 50,000 _______ in 2000, each of which waspopulated by some 4,000 persons on average.CountiesCensus TractsBlock GroupsCensus BlocksQuestion 410 ptsTo demonstrate that you know how to acquire population data from the Census Bureau’sInternational Data Base, use it to look up 1) the Caribbean country that had the highest NetNumber of in-Migrants (positive), and 2) the Caribbean country that had the highest NetNumber of out-Migrants (negative) in 2010. Hint: The migration data are obtained via theComponents of Population Growth report.Aruba (positive net migrants) and Cuba (negative net migrants)Turks & Caicos Islands (positive net migrants) and Haiti (negative net migrants)Cayman Islands (positive net migrants) and Barbados (negative net migrants)Question 510 pts One of the questions asked in the 2010 American Community Survey was "what were theactual sales of all agricultural products from this property?" Households were asked to respondby choosing one of the following categories: "None; $1 to $999; $1,000 to $2,499; $2,500 to$4,999; $5,000 to $9,999; $10,000 or more." What is the level of measurement of theresulting data?NominalOrdinalIntervalRatioQuestion 610 ptsCartographers recommend that the choropleth (graduated color) mapping technique be usedfor thematic maps of which kind of data?Counts (e.g., net number of migrants per country)Rates and Densities (e.g., migrants per 100,000 population)Question 710 ptsYou are preparing a thematic map to show the spatial distribution of total fertility rates bycountries of North and South America. Follow this link(https://www.e-education.psu.edu/courses/geog482/graphics/ns_am_fertility.xls) to view the data in a separatewindow. Your task is to group the data into four quantile classes (i.e., quartiles). In which ofthe four classes will Venezuela appear?HighestUpper MiddleLower MiddleLowest Question 810 ptsYou are preparing a thematic map of world population by country. Follow this link(https://courseware.e-education.psu.edu/courses/geog482/graphics/world_pop.txt) to see thedata in a separate window. Which types of thematic map do cartographers recommend torepresent these data? Note: Two of the choices listed below are correct. Select both correctanswers.Choropleth (Graduated Color)Unique ValuesDot DensityProportional SymbolQuestion 910 ptsWhich of the following best describes the attribute data depicted on the thematic map above?Count data, not classifiedDensity data, not classified Count data, equal interval classificationRate data, percentile classificationQuestion 1010 ptsBoth of maps above show estimated migrants per 1,000 population, by country. Both arechoropleth maps with five classes. Which of the following is a true statement about the maps?The upper map shows five quantile classes. The lower map shows five equalinterval classes.The upper map shows five equal interval classes. The lower map shows fivequantile classes. Saving…Submit Quiz