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Solved by verified expert :Assignment 13:
Part 1
As we move into the last two weeks
of our stimulating, interactive dialogue, we concentrate on reinforcing the
concepts, theories, language, and principles covered in MGT510. First, reflect
on all of the first 13 modules of content that you’ve studied in this course. Pick
one of the modules. It may be the content that you liked most, or perhaps
where the greatest learning took place, or the content that is still a bit
confusing, or something else entirely.

Re-read the learning outcomes of your chosen
Review the lecture material presented in the
Peruse the discussion board for that week.

Then, in your original post, answer
the following questions:

Why did you choose this module to review and discuss?
What were two things that you took away from the module
and may continue to use?
What were two things that you already knew or wished
that you could have studied further?
How might you use this information in the future?

Part 2 (each reply 100
When responding to other students’
posts, reflect on their discussion and share any thoughts that you have about
their comments. (Try to find posts that contain information about a module
other than the one you chose.)