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1. If a freely falling object were somehow equipped with an… 1.   If a freely falling object were somehow equipped with an odometer to measure the distance it travels, then the distance it travels each succeeding second would be… a.   The same b.   Less than the previous second c.   Greater than the previous second d.   The distance cannot be predicted  Explain:    2.   A projectile is fired straight up at a speed of 100 m/s. When the projectile returns to its starting position, its speed is… a.Less than 100 m/sb.More than 100 m/sc.100 m/sd.It depends on how long it takes to returnExplain:   3.   When a rock thrown straight upward gets to the top of its path, the magnitude of its… a.Velocity is zero and its acceleraon is zerob.Velocity is zero and its acceleration is about 9.8 m/s/sc.Velocity is about 9.8 m/s and its acceleration is zerod.Velocity is about 10 m/s and its acceleraon is about 9.8 m/s/sExplain:   4.   A truck is moving at a constant speed. Inside the storage compartment, a rock is dropped from the midpoint of the ceiling and strikes the floor below. The rock hits the floor… a.   Ahead of the midpoint of the ceiling b.   Exactly below the midpoint of the ceiling c.   Behind the midpoint of the ceiling d.   More information acceleration is needed to answer the question  Explain:5.   How do you calculate how long a projectile is in the air? Describe all ways.   A soccer ball is kicked horizontally o  a 22 m high hill and lands a distance of 35 m from the edge of the hill. 6. Determine the inial horizontal velocity of the soccer ball Diagram  Given(s)  Unknown(s)  Equations  substitutions  solutions         7.   Determine the vertical velocity of the soccer ball just before it hit the ground.                                 Given(s)  Unknown(s)  Equations                        Substitution                                                                                                                            Solution     A truck driving down the road at 13 m/s drops an orange peel out of the window. The window is 2.3 m above the ground. 8.   Draw a force diagram, construct an x/y table of equations, and create a net force equation for the ball.  9.   Draw a motion map with velocity and acceleration vectors for the orange peel as it behaves like a projectile.          10. How far does the orange peel travel horizontally before it hits the ground? What is the final vertical velocity of the orange peel right before it hits the ground?  Given  Unknown(s)  Equations  Substitutions                   SolutionSciencePhysics SPH 3U1 Share QuestionEmailCopy link